Saturday, August 10, 2013


I am on a mission driven by my inspiration. My entire life has been guided in part by numbers, with five being my lucky number. Being born on cinco de mayo is in no part an accident. Therefore, I declare that I will live to celebrate my One Hundreth and First birthday on 5/5/55. Some things in life are must haves and this is one of mine. That gives me roughly 42 years to get some extraordianry things done. To date I consider a few of my greatest accomplishments the following: being happily married to one man for thirty five years, raising two amazing daughters and seeing them live happy and productive lives, stepping into my creative destiny as a visual storyteller and experiencing massive amounts of joy and passion on a daily basis. If that isn't enough then the rest of the story 'is about to begin'. One thing I have learned for certain in my fifty nine years is that anything is possible and all things are reachable. A disclaimer would be that I was born an eternal optimist which turns out to be my biggest gift. As a women with the above belief system I encourage you to follow me into the next 42 years of this adventure and see what is possible next. I have a few ideas that I will share with you in my following posts. A reminder to all readers, that once you project into the world where you are headed... Watch Out! Thanks for joining me. Sue Vicory