Sunday, September 8, 2013


Of all the things I think I have to accomplish on any given day there are very few that are an absolutely must do! I actively manage two web sites, multiple Facebook pages, a blog, a 501(c)3 film production company and a family business.  Many days I ask myself "who cares if I post or update anything?  The answer is, no one really. The one thing I know for certain in this lifetime that has served me without a shadow of a doubt is what I call life perseverance.

Over the years I've been somewhat baffled but entertained by the dichotomy that exists within me. I consider myself a free spirit and extremely whimsical at heart. Often times the word gypsy comes to mind when I am reflective of self. Though the characteristics that define me say something different. I have been married for 35 years and have been employed by the same company for more than 25 years. We lived in our last house for 20 years. All of these things shout out consistency and stability rather than impulsive and flying by the seat of my pants. It's in this very contrast that I find humor and lightness in living.

Perseverance is a mixture of ingredients as I see it. Motivation, vision, and self discipline are among the top three that come to mind. Motivation is needed in most activities from getting out of bed in the morning to setting life goals. I am never at a loss for goals, both short term or long term. There are some underlying factors that keep motivation fresh and alive. High on that list is good clean living. My modem of operation is generally a good night's sleep, healthy diet, lots of fresh air and exercise and constantly looking for the smallest of pleasures in the moments of life. I'm also blessed with good genes and a positive attitude. Motivation then can run clearly through me when I'm not encumbered with a messy lifestyle. As I get older that is more and more important with each year of my life. I try to make decisions regarding my lifestyle that I know will effect me ten years down the road.

Vision is tightly connected to the soul of self or as I like to refer to as my spirit. Vision can also be found in the midst of one's passion. My personal connection to my vision and my passion often show up when I'm on a long run. They are truly not something you can 'think' your way through. Vision and passion are the gifts of life when you are connected to your inner self. Both can be found more fluidly while immersed in nature.  Once you lock onto your vision all else can fall into step.

All people in this world intend to do good in some fashion in their lifetime. My vision and passion are wrapped up in being a visual storyteller with the specific intent of leaving some good in the world so that my very presence was worth my stay here on this earth. That is well documented in my films to date. With 40 some years yet to live I have many more projects yet to be revealed.

Finally, self discipline is the golden key to perseverance. There is no getting around the fact that motivation and vision alone will not congeal into perseverance without honing self discipline. Going out for a daily run even when I don't feel like it has many long term benefits. It takes an extra nudge to override my lazy self but the cumulative benefits of exercise helps to keep me on track in all areas of my life. I can procrastinate with the best of them but I also know that I am most at peace when my 'to do' list is checked off.

Hanging in there or persevering through all that life throws in your direction is really a mark of nobility. With a clear vision chalked full of passion, motivated good clean living and a little discipline to top it off, the road less traveled can be named after you!!

Thanks for joining me Sue Vicory

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