Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Heads up

I have long known that when I find a penny on the ground and it's heads up, it is a lucky sign. Picking that penny up and putting it in my pocket will bring me good luck. If that penny is tails up I must flip it over and let the next person that comes along find it in order for them to be the receiver of good luck. It's an urban myth but one that is completely embedded in wisdom! On a run recently I found a heads up nickel. In that I wasn't sure if that meant five times the luck of a penny I didn't hesitate to pick it up. It still sits on my nightstand emmiting good luck. Today I was walking my golden retiever at a local park and I saw a quarter in the grass. Unfortunately it was tails up though I picked it up anyways. I carried it with me for a few minutes until I knew instinctually that I had to turn it over and leave it for the next lucky person to find. That was hard to do but none the less I wanted to honor the urban myth. It's incredibly important to have meaningful interactions with life. Some random and some not so random. If we believe that something is a certain way, than in our eyes it is. Here is an example of that. We have a farm in the midwest. One that we are very attached to on all levels. There is a spot on this eighty acre farm that has what I call 'Native American wisdom'. I first noticed it a number of years ago when I would walk to a certain spot on the acreage. There was a shift in the air which seemed to be produced by the wind coming up a valley through giant hardwood trees. I noticed a shift of energy and wind when I stood in that spot. My instinct told me it was a channel of wisdom. I have gone to that spot a number of times since, seeking wisdom beyond what I thought I could personally muster up. Last week I sat in my Native American spot of wisdom to write a script for the film "One". It's a philosophical film rather than historical like my last two films. I knew that I had to find an inner flow in order to write from my spirit and not my head. I don't know if I accomplished my goal or not but we'll see when the post production takes place next month and the film premieres after that. As long as I can remember I have had the opinion that change is easy. Perhaps it's my personality or perhaps it's that I grew up with a lot of change, moving around every 3 years or so. I recall that I went to 3 grade schools, 2 junior highs, 2 high schools and 2 colleges. That's a LOT of adjustment. I welcome change and as a matter of fact I entice it into my life. We fairly recently moved to the ocean after most of our lives living in the Midwest. I had long been dreaming of living at the ocean and now it's my reality. Who would have guessed? It is, simply put, a dream come true. My home is at the water. I've had to learn new everything here. As I age these are good challenges to have. It forces me out of my comfort zone and into the unknown. I feel all ways strengthened by this process. I have always told my husband that it is still important for me to travel alone so that my skills can stay sharp. One of the things I most like to say to myself is this: "What do I not know how to do?" followed up by "How can I get it done?" That has become a trademark characteristic. My only request for myself in this stage of my life is to be 'present' in as many situations as possible without regard for how overwhelming or stimulated they might be. All of my film premieres have been relatively big deals for me. Big productions with a lot at stake professionally and there have been some significant SANFU's at each one. Gliding through without attaching to or trying to control the outcome is my new mantra. As you will hear in my newest film "One", I am significant to the whole because I'm here. Precisely that simple. I'll be 60 next May. It will very likely be a new pinnacle for me. As a good friend of mine likes to say .... PRESS ON Thanks for joining me, Sue Vicory

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