Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Power of One

On the eve of finishing my 4th film which is entitled "One", I thought it was time to tie the last ten years together with my soul's heartbeat which I call My Power of One. It all began back in 2002 after I got this funny idea to become a filmmaker. A reminder that I was already a middle aged woman and my husband and I had raised two young ladies and launched them into the world of college. After putting myself in film school, editing school and setting up an editing suite in my home I set forth to make a film about our nation's homeless population. Within this story lies the birth of My Power of One . As I sat in the parks, under the bridges, in the shelters and under bushes with our nation's homeless I heard a repeated story from Harlem to Skid Row. That story from coast to coast was how ONE person made a life changing difference in their lives. Dramatic stories from prostitutes, crack heads, heroine addicts and the likes were often reversed by the kind gestures and compassion of one individual. When we premiered the film in 2005 those ex-homeless individuals in the film were flown in to sit on a panel to interact with our audience in a Q&A. It was a night to remember. I also flew in one women. Beth Reed who made a difference in hundreds of street people's lives. She became the central figure for the power of one in the film and forever changed my perception on how important I personally am in this world. After this film's (my first) success which took me to Hollywood and around the country on speaking gigs, I launched a project aptly named My Power of One. This project was brought into two urban high schools in the Midwest for nine months. The schools were located on either side of the state line in Kansas City. Each school committed to a community based project that they were passionate about and could then develop and implement. Mid year at the holiday season both school's came together to perform a holiday show at the local homeless shelter. The students made and brought decorations and the homeless day shelter was decorated for the first time ever by this combined group of young people working together to make their community a better place. The transformation was felt by all of us. It was one magical night. There are so many opportunities to affect positive change in our surroundings if we see ourselves as empowered to do so. I became intentional after those experiences to make that my life's purpose. Since then most things that have come into my life have spoken directly to what I call my soul's heartbeat. I am about to launch a brand of apparel and accessories under the name My Power of One. The idea has nagged me for many years and the timing is now. I consider MPO1 to be a social statement with what I would consider having charitable underpinnings. Most of my film work has raised money for community based organizations. The homeless film raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is both magical and a powerful expression of the circle of love. I would challenge anyone that reads this post to consider the possibility that you are here to impact one other life forever. My challenge would further include duplicating that action as many times as possible in your lifetime. Here is the link for my very first film "Homelessness and The Power of One".

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