Tuesday, January 14, 2014


2014 feels like a year that is going to become a pinnacle experience. It is a year that I intend to simplify and focus. I will be available to experience new possibilities while expecting miracles at every turn. Finishing my fourth film in ten years has allowed me to learn a craft that was very hard at first and now not so much. My learning curve has shortened considerably. My previous feature film took five years and this current feature film has taken a little over 1 year. I'm going to change up the stakes after I'm done with it. Stay tuned, as I like to say because even I don't know what that means. I turn sixty on May 5th and all bets are off as to how this year proceeds. It has now become my hallmark to turn out inspired community based films for positive change. That is a more amazing outcome that even I could have imagined. I've been asked to do a TexX talk here in California in the Spring. I've chose my topic and will do one of two things. I will either tell a story connected to walking straight into my destiny ten years ago or I will predict my next ten years. You see, I now understand that our destiny is in our own hands. It's not magical and it's not mysterious. It is purely intention. The question begs, what do I want my NEXT decade and beyond to look like. Ten years ago and then some I asked myself that proverial question about who I wanted to be the 2nd half of my life. The answer turned into a life changing career choice. Very satisifying! I see that coming to a close. I will select a different question next time to ask myself. One that hasn't even been formulated yet. One with no boundaries. One that surpises even me. My life, if nothing else stands for adventure. That is defined by the user, but for me it means not predictable. Once my film "One" is complete and finds its way out into the world, I will take a breath. After that breath I will take another breath. By May 5th I will know and possibly be entering my new direction. That is less than 4 months away. It has been said that words are infinitely powerful. I'm about to see. I have become addicted to outcome and I'm about to reverse that process. Wish me luck!

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