Thursday, May 22, 2014


I am so proud to announce the birth of "Humanity". Her conception/vision was approximately 9 months ago while I was on a run. Most amazing things show up in my creative world during my runs. In the midst of making my newest film "One" I visioned a statue that we would name "Humanity". I had no idea what she would look like but that didn't matter because it would be up to the sculptor to determine. I do not get in the way of creativity. I put an 'ask' out into my social network for a sculptor and got several names. I reached out to those and only 1 responded. Ultimately I found a sculptress within a 1/2 mile of where I live and posed the idea to her. She was hesitant at first but said if she didn't feel the project was for her she would give me some names of others. Within 24 hours she had started on the project. Apparently the project was for her and nine months later we have a bronze statue named "Humanity" On the top of the statue, while still in the clay stage I inscribed this quote "One touch forever connects us with Humanity". My vision was to permanently install this statue somewhere publicly. When I gave it more thought I decided that "Humanity" belonged in the center of the universe which for me is Mound City, Kansas where our farm is. I reached out to the Mayor of Mound City to see if this was an option. She totally loved the idea, but had to see what it looked like to get permission from the city council. In the meantime my sculptress Maidy Morhous got started. As I look back at our correspondence I see that we began the project together on September of 2013 and nine months later "Humanity" has arrived. Here is her picture with Maidy. We are proud!
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