Monday, May 19, 2014


Well, I have turned sixty since I last wrote. What a glorious adventure that became. Our daughters planned a surprise trip that we all went on together. It began in NYC where we saw the Broadway show, Once. A unique production, one we as a family enjoyed immensely. We ate at many of our favorite restaurants around Times Square; Carnegie Deli, Lindys and others. We visited the World Trade center, SoHo, Tribeca, Greenwich and Wall Street. In 48 hours we covered Manhattan. After that we jumped another flight to Savannah and stayed at an amazing B&B on Tybee Island. We toured historic Savannah, ate at the Olde Pink House restaurant and recreated a Forrest Gump scene in the park it was filmed. The girls put together a book named "yellow five" that included lovely writings from my friends and family. It brought me to tears. When I went to bed on my 60th birthday I realized it was the happiest day of my life. I fell asleep with a smile on my face from all the love. In addition to a lovely trip with my family I also launched a new company/brand called My Power of One. This has been ten years in the making and it found the light of day on my 60th birthday. I am now committing the next several decades to growing this brand to proportions even I can't imagine. I might as well lay down some exaggerrated possibilites so I can guage down the road how I'm doing. Let's start with the brand being recongnized and adopted by some of the highest profile individuals in the world. I'd like to see the brand promoted by athletes, volunteers, artists, teachers, servicemen, medical professionals and the list goes on and on. Any individual that impacts another in a postitive way could and should wear this brand. I'm taking a stand for humanity to reach its highest level of extraordinary within my lifetime and I have 41 years left to get it done. Join me in spreading the good news of MY POWER OF ONE.

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