Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Pride can be received as a negative when someone acts prideful, but for purposes of this post I'm going to talk about feeling proud. What first comes to mind is how proud I am to be the mother of two amazing young women named Tracy Annette and Katy Suzanne. It's impossible to know me fully unless you know me through my children. Being of independent spirit it's an interesting task raising young ladies and sending them off into the world. I knew the minute I was married if not earlier that I was born to be a mother. My maternal instinct is a dominant characteristic. I've turned into a caretaker of humanity with my film making voice but it all started on April 4, 1980 when life changed forever. Being blessed with two healthy children is the biggest of all gifts on earth. Our girls were close in age; 22 1/2 months apart. Therefore they were like best friends/twins growing up. We had oodles of fun over those 18 years they grew up in our home pre-college. Lots of family traditions were created within our family nucleus. From breakfast in bed on birthdays complete with lottery tickets to New Years Eve monopoly games at the lake house. The girls both did some mission outreach in high school and afterwards. We were blessed. They were good students and easy to raise. Since the girls left to go out of state for college they have not returned home to live. No boomerang kids for us, I am proud to say. I have always told the girls that they choose us as parents when they came into this world. Other than unlimited unconditionally love I would have no other advice to other moms or moms to be. My version is that because of a mother's unconditional love, the world is a better and more peaceful place. Thank you to my mother, Annette for providing such a wonderful home environment and such a deep foundation for me to stand on while raising our girls. I am forever grateful....

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