Monday, October 27, 2014

Pause button

It's been four months since I've found time or more accurately, taken the time to blog something.

Here we go..... since my latest film 'One' has been completed and entered into the film festival circuit I have been on the run. We are also in the finishing stages of completing the film's companion book "After the Question" and currently looking for a literary agent/publisher and/or a self publishing option. The bronze statue "Humanity" which was inspired during the making of One is also complete and waiting for its final public installation. These pieces of new creation are nearing their final days of launch and I'm very proud of the entire series of good things we have put into the universe. "One" had its world premiere in July of this year and then screened again and now again this fall. It can be downloaded on

In the midst of all this loveliness I was honored to make another film called 'Absent'. This film was written by a friend of mine, Sari Monaco and inspired by real life events. It went from idea to script to screen in under 120 days. We were immediately surrounded with contribution on all levels and now we take this narrative film to the festival circuit as well. Life in 'flow' works seamlessly.

The My Power of One brand has come to life and is waiting for a completed business plan to find its destiny. The brand has been calling my name for ten years since my homeless film premiered in 2005. I have completed the trademark work, the web site, and sold a number of shirts so far. It is meant to go far and wide. Our flagship store will open in 2015.

Completing projects opens up time and then the possibility of new ideas can enter that space. I do like to take a pause between creative endeavors and that is the stage I am entering. Traveling with films in festivals allows for networking and exchanging ideas with others. Winning a 2014 Telly award was icing on the cake!

In this life that I like to call a massive adventure, it's all good!!

until next time.

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