Friday, January 2, 2015


Happy New Year! Welcoming in 2015 feels like a huge opening for amazing to show up. That's what I'm anticipating. I made one and only one personal resolution this year (so far) and that is to BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT POSITIVELY IMPACTING HUMANITY 365 DAYS OF THE YEAR. 

Each and every day I will in some way leave something good behind, not accidentally but intentionally. An easy task for me.

The year has exciting things in store, I can just feel it. I've already put two projects into motion. One is a web series cleverly titled My Power of One. The other is the long awaited feature narrative film The Latin Rose. Both projects have been years in the making.

If I look back at 2014 though for a minute, I feel proud. 2 films, both award winning, a published book and a commissioned bronze statue named Humanity. That's a lot that happened in ONE year but the timing was perfect. And to top that all off, I turned the magical age of sixty! For me, life seems to have just begun. I am clearly in my element.

In the meantime I'm actively looking to do some kind and generous acts within my community that will hopefully impact the world at large. Many of those acts will be anonymous.

Today, while at the grocery store there was a man standing in front of me buying a bouquet of flowers. I felt happy for whomever was about to receive those and thought what a kind gesture it was. From my latest film "One" there is a quote from Mary Moore that goes, "the smallest of acts can  change the entire trajectory of one person's life"

How simple is that?

Happy New Year!


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