Saturday, October 24, 2015


From birth until death we are in some form of transition. Both small and large transitions come and go even when we don't expect them or necessarily want them to show up. We have recently been in transition. My husband of 37 years retired and we moved 1,600 miles from our ocean condo to our farm in the Midewest. If that's not enough we bought an RV and committed to taking a one year tour around the US beginning next year. That is a lot of transition. I'm pretty good with change and consider all of life a giant adventure so we shall see how this goes. My life in southern Califonia was nice! Very nice! I got to see the ocean every day. That made me happy. My film career grew by leaps and bounds and I launched a long awaited brand called My Power of One. Pretty much all my dreams and aspirations came full circle here. Deciding to leave this paradise was a simple task of putting on imaginary wings once again and moving forward into the next chapter. Staying comfortable is not the  route to continual learning. In the past week we have learned how to navigate a brand new RV and stay in RV parks as we drove across the country. They are not simple to figure out and it's a lifestyle we have never ever attempted before. I like to learn new things. Our 11 year old golden retriever has joined us on this journey. She is simply happy just to be with us. Nothing too complex about her needs. I will blog my way across 48 states in our next and newest adventure. Thanks for stopping by.
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