Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Life Adventure

I am famous for saying that my life is one big long adventure. Next year will validate that statement. We have moved from our beloved Del Mar, California to our farm in Mound City, Kansas but will only stay put for a short period of time. After the holidays are over we will take off in our new RV on a 1 year journey though out the United States. Our mission is to accomplish '12 acts of kindness' and raise the visibility of the brand My Power of One. Our golden retriever, Kacy will join us. Our first stop is in Oklahoma City at Positive Tomorrows for a visit with the students. From there we will head to Dallas/Ft Worth and on to the Southwest. All 48 states plus Alaska will be toured. We will film 12 interviews with individuals that are doing extraordinary things within their communities and ultimately make a film. Most of my projects have multiple layers of creation so who knows how this one will manifest. I'll try to blog my way around the country so stay tuned....

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