Saturday, January 16, 2016

A New Year - A New Adventure

It's going to be pretty hard to beat the amazing year of 2015, but I'm certainly going to try with our 12 month RV trip. January 1st, 2016 Jay & I embarked on a journey. It will take us through all 48 continuous states with a mission. Our mission is to complete '12 acts of kindness' and raise the visibility of the brand My Power of One. Making a difference in the life of another is our quest and inviting others to join us in that quest. The brand wrapped RV was ready to roll on January 13th. We started out from our farm in Mound City, Kansas and headed to Nevada, Missouri to have a group picture taken at Cottey College. From there we headed to Oklahoma City for our 1st of 12 Acts of Kindness. We spent 1/2 day at Positive Tomorrows which is a school for elementary children from homeless shelters. Our My Power of One shirt PROMISE will raise money for their school this entire year. We invited all 54 students to join us in our '12 acts of kindness' intention this year. We are trying to make our journey an adventure so field trips are a large part of that. We stopped into the Will Rogers Museum on our way to Oklahoma City and visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial Bombing Site while there. Life is short, dig in....

From Oklahoma City we headed to Amarillo, Texas and spent our first night in the RV. We used points for a Marriott while in OKC, but living in a 100 square foot RV will be an adventure in itself. With a dog, I might add. While in Amarillo we had snow. We chose the Cadillac Ranch as our field trip. A muddy walk to see Cadillacs half buried covered with graffiti on them was worth a few pictures. Along our Route 44 drive we stopped at Russell Car Museum which was a free museum in the midst of a truck stop and completely awesome. We are trying to keep our social media updated because we have a lot of family and friends following our progress.

We've landed in Albuquerque, NM and tomorrow will head to Santa Fe to see friends from high school before ending up at Ghost Ranch. Both engagements will be a highlight. I bought a GoPro and have yet to figure out how to use it. We will spend a couple of days at Ghost Ranch (they are also one of our partnerships) so maybe I'll spend some time learning how to use the camera.

Thanks for joining me and I'll write again in the next week or two.

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